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Financial Institution Legal and Compliance Consulting

Helping Businesses Blossom

Financial Orgs: Projects

Policy Creation

Serving a wide variety of financial institutions, we are experts when it comes to creating customized policies for your business:






Privacy Policies

Data Security Policies

State Based Regulatory Policies

Let your compliance staff and general counsel focus on other things while we create customized regulatory policy quickly, easily and efficiently.


Compliance Testing & Planning:
We have more than a decade of experience in creating compliance plans  and conducting legal compliance testing. If your organization has compliance systems in place, we will test them to ensure that they do what they are supposed to.
Compliance Training:
We offer virtual and in-person compliance training for you board, your staff and your compliance officers. We have 15 years of financial compliance experience and we make it easy to train and get back to work.

Subject Matter Expertise

New topics can overwhelm your legal staff and slow operations. We can help. Whether you're responding to a new regulation or preparing to make a substantial change to your product, we can help. Admitted to the bar on both coasts and in the Mid-West, we use our expertise and flexibility to unburden your in-house staff while providing cost effective solutions to new laws and legal issues.

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